Oral health and periodontics

Dental hygiene

Regular, professional teeth cleaning keeps your teeth and gums healthy. It also allows us to identify any tooth decay early on, which means we can treat and stop it at an early stage. During the cleaning, we also examine the periodontium, which is the specialised tissue that surrounds and supports the teeth, enabling us to preserve your teeth in the long term.

Tooth decay

Composite (tooth-coloured) fillings

We replace damaged or missing tooth structure with light-curing plastic by attaching it to the healthy tooth structure. This is a relatively cheap and yet long-lasting treatment for tooth decay.

Root canal treatment

If the tooth decay is too deep, it may require a root canal treatment. In this treatment, the blood and nerve tissue inside the tooth is removed and the resulting cavity is sealed with what is called a ‘root filling’.


In the past, it took several appointments to replace large quantities of amalgam fillings or reconstruct broken teeth.
Thanks to the Cerec method, this treatment is complete in just one appointment; the result is a high-quality replacement that is gentle on the tooth structure and improves the appearance of the teeth.


Periodontal surgery

In cases of deep periodontal pockets, cleaning the roots and removing the inflamed tissue under visual inspection is often unavoidable in order to save the tooth. To do this, the patient is given a local anaesthetic and, in a small operation in the affected area, everything is cleaned and then stitched up.


Parodontitis is an inflammation of the periodontium, which can be caused by aggressive bacteria. The resulting tooth loss and inflammation of the gums can be contained or even stopped by professional cleaning (dental hygiene) of the root surfaces.

Nervous patients

Nitrous oxide

Feeling nervous about your dental treatment? Nitrous oxide, or ‘laughing gas’, is a calming substance that helps to reduce anxiety. This makes it ideal for treating nervous patients, children and patients with a strong gag reflex.