Aesthetic dentistry


A veneer is an extremely thin, translucent ceramic mould that is fixed to the front surface of the tooth to correct troublesome changes in colour or shape. Compared to crowns, treatment with veneers is much more gentle on the tooth structure.


With the innovative Invisalign treatment portfolio, we can correct various cases of malpositioned teeth – from crowded teeth and gap teeth to crossbite, overbite and underbite.

All-ceramic crowns/bridges

Crowns are used to treat individual teeth with crowns that are damaged or no longer aesthetically satisfactory for the patient, for example following an accident. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth; the gap is bridged using an artificial tooth that is bonded to the remaining teeth on either side.


Deep discolouration that cannot be removed by dental hygiene can easily be lightened with bleaching.


Using the Cerec method (computer-generated porcelain filling), we can replace missing tooth structure with a high-quality filling made from industrially prepared porcelain, all in just one appointment.